Jan 22, 2011

Show Us Your Singles - Anne of Avonlea in Tennessee, Sweet Sixteen

Rachel is the redheaded beauty "Anne of Avonlea in Tennessee", 16 years old.

(The beautiful one on the left!)

She's been my best friend for nine years and she has a heart of gold. She loves God and kids. Her dream is to adopt lots of kids and give them a home someday in the future. She likes reading, camping, laughing, Dr. Pepper, and she especially loves her family.

(She's so darn cute!!!!)

She wants to get to know a young, Christian guy who puts God first, is great with kids, and has a funny personality.

(Rachel, her brother, cousin, and sister.)

Leave a comment if you would like to get to know her better! Or email me at parisakins@gmail.com.